Think beyond the box...........................

VPQ has been providing voice and data solutions for almost twenty years.  Our experience runs deep and includes Fortune 50 companies, medium business and small business.  Our unique approach focuses strictly on the needs of our customers with no hidden agendas.  Please explore our website and contact us if you would like to know more about what we can do for your business.

Hosted Services

There are certain IT services that you need simply to do business. The VPQ Cloud lets you get these services from a single provider. We manage integration, security and mobility so your users and admins stay focused on business.

20 + services. One provider.

Help Desk Services

VPQ provides 24 X 7 X 365 help desk support.  Support may be requested by telephone or e-mail.  In most cases, we can fix your problem quickly by accessing your machine with our remote support tools.  We promise you that we will address your issue within 60 minutes or there is no charge.  If an on-site visit is required, we will dispatch an engineer to your site.  We are always available to assist you.

Network Design & Setup

At VPQ, we do not believe in layered, over complicated IT solutions.  We will work closely with you and your team to design and implement a network that is secure, efficient and cost effective.  At VPQ your agenda is our agenda not the other way around.

Technology Infrastructure

VPQ provides consulting, design, build and maintenance of technology infrastructure.  We will provide you with an infrastructure build that offers stability, reliability, room for growth and takes into account the specific needs of your business. 

VOIP and Traditional Telecom


We guide our clients in the process of selecting and implementing hosted VOIP, in house VOIP or traditional PBX systems.  We start by analyzing current systems, looking at costs and taking all feature and location requirements into account.  Multi-site offices, home offices and mobile workers can all be accommodated. Gone are the days of expensive and layered telecom.

On-Site Support

We endeavor to solve most support issues with remote assistance.  Remote assistance saves time, money and usualy provides the client with immediate resolution.  If a client is unable to work with our help desk, or if on-site support is required for any reason, we will dispatch a technical expert on-site without delay.  Our staff will provide updates, clear explanations and make thoughtful recommendations.  The ultimate course of action for repairs is always a joint decision with the client.